Assurely the best protection possible for your computer

Keep your computer and your internet browsing safe and private while your devices is still running smoothly with the award-winning and easy-to-use computer and internet security.

Protect your privacy

by blocking unauthorized attempts to access your webcam or track your activity on websites

Secure your payments

in a hacker-proof Protected Browser when you shop or bank online.

Keep intruders out

of your network and check websites and emails are safe for you to open

Explore all the protection, performance, and privacy features in our new security plan.

Hard Disk Cleaner

Tools to help you manage your device storage space, perform HDD health checks, and prevent any loss of your data


Multilayered protection designed to prevent and neutralise viruses and malware.


Tools to prevent unauthorised access and hijacking of your computer. Includes anti-ransomware, firewall, and cryptojacking protection.

Performance Optimisation

Quick measures to boost the speed of your devices and make them run as fast as they were designed to.

Private and Uninterrupted Browsing

Tools to prevent unauthorised online tracking, unauthorised ads appearing, or anyone using your peripherals.

Uninterrupted Entertainment

Allows you to watch movies, play games, or use fullscreen apps without any interference – all at the maximum speed.

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